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Los  Angeles, United States of America


In the states  I've   tried  many Reiki healings. But nothing as deep as my session with Hektor. It was clear his  techniques  with reiki and regression meditations went to the cause of the issue instead of the quick fix


Copenhagen, Denmark


I have been going to a psychologist for many years, as I have struggled with low self-esteem and anxiety. I have worked with all the tools I was given, but did not think that the changes were that great after 10 years. I have been following Hektor's work for a long time and have actually always been a little fascinated by meditation and healing, but have not 100% believed in it. When I had an anxiety attack at a meditation workshop I attended, I chose to accept Hektor's offer when he said he could remove my anxiety. I have not regretted it. I have been for healing with Hektor 3 times, it has made a huge change in my life - so much so that my husband noticed it already after the 2nd time. I haven't had anxiety attacks since, I look at things differently, don't get affected in the same way and feel lighter.
How, I still don't quite understand, but I've learned not to think about things so much anymore, so I'll leave it at that:) But I can only warmly recommend Hektor. 1000 stars from here 🙏🏻💫


Copenhagen, Denmark


I sought healing as I have been suffering from severe headaches for several years. 
I had a period of about 3 weeks with an almost constant headache, I visited various physiotherapists and masseurs it helped but no longer lasting, it relieved the pressure but did not remove it. 
At this point I was open to anything, if I had to limp on one leg I would. 
So when I made the decision to take a healing session with Hektor, I was quite frustrated and quite unaware of what I could really expect. However, I went into it with an open mind and an attitude that it could only be improved. 

Already after the first session there was a clear improvement. 
At least more than a halving of my otherwise daily headaches. 
I left there with an "empty" head - which feels extremely strange, all everyday worries and not least the headache were gone. 

I had two sessions which were both tough mentally, I looked inside myself and came out with what was necessary for my amazing progress. 
The healing itself was a wild feeling and not something you can just describe. 

I haven't had problems with headaches since, so it's definitely the best decision I've made for myself. 
And will definitely use Hektor again for healing on other points.

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